Change is the only constant

Here we are again, friends. I've all but abandoned this blog, because I haven't felt a focus in a while!  This blog has been a lot of things over the years... family, fitness, military life, nutrition, business, and occasionally just random stuff that's happening life, such as homeschooling or moving across state lines.

I'm no longer working my coaching biz. I'm no longer homeschooling. We're no longer an active duty military family. Everything's changed!

So where do we go from here?

Here's where I'm at right now.  Hubby is a part time AF Reserves pilot, and a full time airline pilot. We live in Kansas City. The kids are back in public school (though out for the summer). We're still choosing where we'll move next and hopefully stay and set down some roots.

So as my life transitions and changes into whatever it's destined to become, this blog will do the same. You'll see less business stuff (I'm no longer running support groups or bringing on new customers) and more LIFE stuff.  I'll write about my favorite things (recipes, kitchen tools, kids stuff, websites, books, music, tv, etc) and about what life is like on the ground when your hubby is always travelling.  I'll share some tough times and celebrate the good ones.

If you've been with me thus far, I hope you'll stick around! Let me know what's on your mind and we can talk about it :)

Bring on the brainstorming, and expect to hear from me soon!


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