healthy lunch

This was the simplest lunch to make and left me feeling full for hours.

I used deli chicken to make it quick, but there are so many recipes for cooking chicken breasts, whether baked or in the instant pot. I also used frozen green beans and frozen mango slices. The quinoa was boil-in-the-bag. I wasn't playing around with this one 😂. 

You can season chicken a million different ways to make the meal change flavor. It's so versatile! I used a Jamaican Jerk seasoning for my lunch today, and added some himilayan salt to the green beans. 

Avocado and mango are among one of the best combos (IMO). I thawed the frozen mango chunks in the microwave for 60 sec and it was perfect ❤️. 

No real recipe for this one. Just heating and eating. 

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1 green
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