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➡️ Sometimes you need to fall on your butt ⬅️

My moment was a few weeks into quarantine. The kids were doing school at home, the pilot got news that the future may get weird, I wasn't getting out and seeing actual human people, and any plans to have family visit were put on indefinite hold.

I wasn't taking care of myself... Everything I had went to taking care of everyone else!  I was stressed, scared of one of us getting sick, and of Chris losing his job, and I was lonely, even as an introvert 😂.

I had reached my "falling on my butt" moment. The moment that made me finally want to DO something about it.

For years I drank a shake every day that helped chill my mood and stay on track with nutrition. I worked out. I drank water. I had a girl squad to keep me hyped. You know, the usual health stuff ;). Why wasn't I doing that anymore?? 🤪

Y'all, it hasn't been easy. But it's been 5 weeks of daily workouts and drinking that superfood shake that I used to depend on. I'm feeling so much better! More ME, you know?

I want this for you too!! If you've had your butt-fall moment (haha) let me help!

I'm searching for 10 ladies who want to BRING IT this summer. I'll hook you up with:

🏋️‍♀️  my favorite workouts
🍎  nutrition guide (with new meal plan suggestions every week)
🤪  mood boosting nutrition shake
👧  a group of AMAZING chicas all looking to be their BEST

I have TWO DISCOUNT CODES left for the first brave ladies to step up and take charge of her health and happiness ✌️

Contact me if you're ready to join us, or click here for all the details 💪

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